Arms manufacturers are putting the world on a slippery slope to killer robots.
The new PAX report 'Slippery Slope' examines 50 key arms producers and shows killer robots are being developed despite the concerns of citizens around the world and many countries that such lethal autonomous weapons should not be deployed.
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Killer Robots
Lethal autonomous weapon systems are weapons that can select and attack individual targets without meaningful human control.

This means the decision on whether a weapon should deploy lethal force is delegated to a machine.

A development that would have enormous negative effects on the way war is conducted.

AI Weapons Swarm
Loitering munitions are drone/missile hybrids that loiter searching for a target. They can cover larger areas for longer periods before attacking. While arms companies say humans will maintain control, the technology is being developed for autonomous weapons with a declining human role.
STM Kargu
Turkey's state-owned arms manufacturer produces the Kargu, a kamikaze drone that can select targets based on facial recognition. Some reports suggest Kargu will soon be deployed on the Turkish-Syrian theater.

It is said to be one of the first systems that can "find, track and kill people without human intervention".
Fire and Forget
WB Group of Poland makes the Warmate family of loitering munitions and boasts the arms become fully autonomous once the target is indicated.

Weapons producers are increasingly adding AI features like facial recognition that have the potential to remove humans from lethal decisions.

Making weapons that militaries can 'Fire and Forget' will make the world more dangerous.
IAI Mini Harpy
The "Mini Harpy" from Israel can also independently detect, attack and destroy enemy targets. It has a range 100km and "loiters in the air waiting for the target to appear and then attacks and destroys the hostile threat within seconds".

This means the decision on whether a weapon should deploy lethal force is delegated to a machine.

Coming to a battlefield near you.
'Slippery Slope' applies three criteria for ranking Arms Companies
Is the company developing technologies that are relevant in the context of lethal autonomous weapons?
Does the company work on increasingly autonomous weapons?
Has the company committed to not contributing to the development of lethal autonomous weapons?

The report analyses developments in the military industry, and demonstrates the trend of increasing autonomy in weapon systems. Pax surveyed 50 arms producing companies and ranked them according to the risk that they could develop lethal autonomous weapons
Read the report to see how each company ranks.
4 Best Practice
Company responded with a clearly framed position or policy for keeping the human in the loop of the weapon system.

16 Medium Concern
Company working on relevant autonomous weapons technologies + explaining in response to our survey how human control is ensured; or Company not known working on relevant autonomous weapons technologies + did not respond to our survey.
30 High Concern
Company works on increasingly autonomous weapon systems and does not appear to have a policy in place and did not respond in a meaningful way to our survey.

The Big 3
The three largest arms producers in the world are among companies putting the world at highest risk from lethal autonomous weapons. These companies must ensure that humans keep control over lethal weapons.
PAX is calling on arms producers to take the following actions:
Commit publicly to not contributing to the development of lethal autonomous weapons.
Establish a clear policy stating that the company will not contribute to the development or production of lethal autonomous weapons. This should include ensuring the principle of meaningful human control is an integral part of the design and development of weapon systems.
Ensure employees are well informed about what they work on and allow open discussions on any related concerns.
The main reason for developing killer robots, seems to be the fear that others might develop them

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PAX works on a wide range of disarmament issues, including arms trade, nuclear weapons, armed drones, and the link between the financial sector and arms producers. PAX is co-founder and steering committee member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.
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