Tech companies may be putting the world at risk from Killer Robots.
The new PAX report 'Don't be evil?' surveys 50 major technology companies and finds only seven showing best practices to prevent the development of lethal autonomous weapons, killer robots powered by AI.
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Killer Robots
Lethal autonomous weapon systems are weapons that can select and attack individual targets without meaningful human control.

This means the decision on whether a weapon should deploy lethal force is delegated to a machine.

A development that would have enormous negative effects on the way war is conducted.
PAX surveyed the 50 major technology companies based upon these factors and found the vast majority are working on potentially dangerous AI applications, or have not clarified their policy toward lethal autonomous weapons.
Read the report to see how each company ranks.
7 Best Practice
Company answered to explain its policy on how it ensures its technology is not contributing to lethal autonomous weapons.
22 Medium Concern
Company working on military/security applications of relevant technologies + answered that it was not working on lethal autonomous weapons; or Company has not clarified their position.
21 High Concern
Company working on military/security applications of relevant technologies + will not commit to prevent lethal autonomous weapons.
PAX is calling on all Tech companies to take the following actions:
Commit publicly to not contribute to the development of lethal autonomous weapons.
Establish a clear policy stating that the company will not contribute to the development or production of lethal autonomous weapon systems.
Ensure employees are well informed about what they work on and allow open discussions on any related concerns.
'Don't be evil?' applies three criteria for ranking Tech Companies
Hight Quality
Is the company developing technology that could be relevant in the context of lethal autonomous weapons?
Good Support
Does the company work on relevant military projects?
Individual Approach
Has the company committed to not contribute to the development of lethal autonomous weapons?
Companies may be contributing to the development of Killer Robots through their work across six areas of tech
Big Tech
AI Software & System Integration
Autonomous Aerial Systems
Pattern Recognition
Ground Robots
Autonomous weapon systems become a new weapon of mass destruction, weakening the checks and balances we expect in the exercise of military power.

Laura Nolan
Senior Software Engineer
Tech Takes Positive Steps
It is not all bad news. Thousands of companies and individuals across the tech sector are taking action to prevent the rise of lethal autonomous weapons.
Clearpath Robotics becomes the first company to commit to not contribute to the development of killer robots.
Over 4,500 AI and robotics experts call on the UN to take action to prevent the development of killer robots.
240 tech companies and more than 3,000 individuals pledge to never develop, produce or use lethal autonomous weapon systems.
Employees at Google pressure the company to withdraw from bidding for the Pentagons cloud computing contract -- the JEDI project and to opt-out of Project Maven. Google develops and publishes ethical AI principles.
The main reason for developing killer robots, seems to be the fear that others might develop them

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